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5.4Investor community engagement

In its capacity as a listed company, DIA is bound by certain reporting obligations, to which end it strives to communicate openly, regularly and transparently with the investment community. The framework governing relations with this community is set down in the Investor Communication Policy approved in December 2015, which sets out the following guidelines for protecting the rights of its shareholders, of institutional investors and of market participants in general.

General principles of the Investor Communication Policy

Principios generales de la Politica

Communication channels

Shareholders and investors can consult all of the Group’s relevant information on the corporate website, www.diacorporate.com. Meanwhile, the Investor Relations Department pursues proactive dialogue with the investment community by means of briefing events.

www.diacorporate.com is designed to ensure that the company’s information that reaches its stakeholders is clear, intact, accurate and true as well as compliant with the technical and legal formalities and specifications stipulated by Spain’s securities market regulator, the CNMV, as per Circular 3/2015 (of 23 June 2015).

The “Shareholders & Investors” tab includes structured and ordered information about the company’s share price performance, financial disclosures and fixed income securities, corporate governance and General Meeting documentation and an investor agenda. It also provides access to the Relevant Fact price-sensitive notices filed with the CNMV, the company’s press releases and details of how investors and analysts can contact the Investor Relations Department (investor.relations@diagroup.com or by phone).

As stipulated in the recently-approved Investor Communication Policy, the Investor Relations Department, together with the CEO and the Executive Director responsible for the Finance Department, is responsible for communication with the analyst community and handling their queries.

Over 1,200 briefing events

In addition, the Investor Relations Department is tasked with maintaining regular and accurate communication with the investment community. In 2015, it organised more than 1,200 briefing events, including in-person meetings, webcasts and conference calls with analysts and investors with the aim of making sure that proxy advisors have as comprehensive information about the company as possible when issuing their respective recommendations and reports.

The organisation broadcasts its Annual General Meeting and its quarterly earnings presentations via webcast.

DIA’s transparency effort was explicitly rewarded by the financial community in 2015 when the company’s Investor Relations Department was selected by the prestigious publication Institutional Investors as the best team in the European Food sector for the second year in a row.


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