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4.5Quality certification

DIA guarantees the quality and safety of its products by means of an ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system. This system articulates the processes for certifying, validating and controlling quality assurance service providers and private-label product suppliers and for controlling fruit and vegetable produce, as it does every year, DIA passed its external audit again in 2015, thereby renewing its certification.


During the latter stages of supplier selection for private-label products, candidates must pass a rigorous upfront certification audit, designed to guarantee food safety at every factory in which DIA products will be made.

The audits, to which all private-label suppliers are subjected, are carried out using in-house or widely recognised standards such as the IFS and BRC food quality and safety standards.

The audit serves to evaluate the general management of activities and facilities, the specific production conditions and the quality management system.

Supplier audits are carried out regularly after the product is on the market as a way of ensuring that product quality and safety is maintained over time.

Private-label product development is a complex process in which many players, both internal (sales, quality, packaging) and external (suppliers, design agencies, etc.) are involved. It is articulated around various sub-processes that require the exchange, development and validation of significant volumes of documentation and exhaustive monitoring of the defined communication flows.

To support this process, DIA uses an IT tool that covers all the documentation and reporting flows that comprise the development of a private label product, streamlining project management, monitoring and status enquiries.

Having initially installed and consolidated use of the quality module in Europe and South America, in 2014, the company developed the packaging model and implemented it at the European level; this module provides support for the various processes comprising the design and development of private-label product packaging and containers.

The performance of quality audits at its warehouses and stores enables the DIA Group to identify and proactively address any circumstances that could affect its processes, thereby ensuring that its products are kept in optimal conditions right throughout the supply chain.

In 2015, DIA conducted 2,162 in-house quality audits in total

In 2015, DIA conducted 2,162 in-house quality audits in total. Analysis of the data gathered as a result of those audits provides a clearer picture of the overall situation at the facilities and operations audited, enabling the definition of more effective action plans whose implementation implies more widespread improvements by encompassing and affecting several facilities/operations at once.


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