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7.1Committed to jobs

DIA employs 46,258 people in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil and China. The group added 5,398 employees to its workforce in 2015 to support its ongoing growth and the process of specialising its formats in perishable products.


DIA’s workforce is diverse and multi-cultural; it is nurtured by local talent in all of its operating markets. Some 70.2% of DIA’s employees work in Europe, 26.9% in Latin America and 2.9% in Asia. Seventy-four per cent work in the group’s stores, 13% in warehouses and 13% in its offices.


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Aware that job quality and stability better aligns the companys teams with its objectives, DIA is strategically committed to job stability: at year-end 2015, 86.8% of the workforce was employed under permanent contracts. Employee turnover, understood as voluntary departures, stood at 1.59% and the average length of service stood at 6.8 years at year-end.

Driven mainly by acquisitions as well as structural changes, in 2015, the company reorganised its sales, warehouse and office networks and this work logically affected the HR function.

Integration of El Árbol employees

One of the biggest challenges surmounted on the human resources management front was the integration of El Árbol’s employees in Spain. In the wake of the acquisition of this financially non-viable chain in 2014, DIA has maintained the vast majority of its employees.

Integración de los trabajadores de El Arbol

It is worth highlighting the important contribution of El Árbol staff and the chain’s existing training centre in Valladolid to enriching the group’s know-how, especially in the perishable goods management arena.

Integration of Eroski employees

Elsewhere, the integration of 145 Eroski stores in 2015 also implied the addition of more than 2,400 people, most of whom again specialised in the handling of perishables.

Over 1,200 fresh produce specialists

Format innovation in recent years has led to the recruitment of professionals with different backgrounds, people with greater expertise, in order to manage the sale of products that require certain handling skills, such as fresh goods. Against this backdrop, in 2015, the company added, between new hires and the employees taken on from newly-acquired stores, more than 1,200 experts in managing meat, cold cuts and fish counters for its DIA Maxi and La Plaza de DIA stores.

In all of its markets and workplaces, DIA upholds prevailing legislation and fosters the development of universally recognised human and labour rights, equal opportunities and non-discrimination. It also promotes respect for diversity by means of development of the right conditions for work among teams of differing abilities, care for the health and safety of all the people working at the company and the provision of training and career development to everyone employed by DIA.

In its capacity as active employer, DIA Spain received an award from the financial trade journal Actualidad Económica, which gave the group one of its Prizes for Successful Enterprising in Madrid, specifically the Job Creation Prize for the launch of its newest format: La Plaza de DIA.


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