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7.4Forging ties, building teams

Teamwork is one of DIA’s values; teams working in a coordinated fashion towards a common objective. This aspiration is achieved by fostering a good relationship with employees by means of internal communication.

estrechando lazos

2015 was a year of consolidation in terms of the measures rolled out in the wake of the workplace climate survey carried out at all levels and for all job categories two years earlier. These measures included the reinforcement of online internal communication initiatives via the portal for store and warehouse staff in Spain with over 200 publications and around 7,000 subscribers.

Communication with management

The group fosters employee-management dialogue. The group’s various geographic units are organising a series of meetings between management and the team managers with direct responsibility over customer attention to nurture a customer-centric culture and improve in-store customer attention processes. Specifically, in China the company rolled out a series of meetings between management and the managers of high-performing stores to establish a direct line of communication with these stores.

In Argentina avenues for communication with management were also put formally in place: sales meetings and logistics meetings, aimed at aligning all areas around the overriding goal of improving the shopping experience.

The internal communication tools in place in this market were also bolstered with a new bi-monthly newsletter targeted specifically at warehouse operators which contains logistics related-content but also aims to outline how their work impacts the stores and, ultimately, the company”s customers. In China the warehouse team heads meet to work on best practices and search for solutions to shared problems.

A website has also been site up for ‘Warehouse Leaders’ where these professionals can consult key logistics and other business indicators; it is targeted at supervisors, shift managers and warehouse managers in Argentina. The website publishes business performance indicators, the results of quality audits, team management tips, customer feedback and health and safety rules, regulations and procedures.

Group publications

These publications enrich the communication effort via the various newsletters put out in each country. They inform about the latest developments and the various projects being set in motion by the company at the group level and its various markets. The magazine has a print run of 19,500 copies in Spain, 3,000 in Portugal, 3,900 in Argentina, 6,200 in Brazil and 1,000 in China.

In 2015, the HR Department published Staying up-to-date (punning the work DIA in Spanish), a newsletter reporting on the most relevant news affecting the group, key matters related to the brand and its franchises and presenting different people who work for the company.

Lastly, there is a CSR newsletter covering corporate social responsibility related developments at the DIA Group, set against the backdrop of other public and private initiatives in this arena.

Outside of Spain, there is a monthly newsletter in Argentina which contains not only information but also links to internal vacancies and e-learning course content. Brazil publishes an in-house newsletter called Nosso DIA. In China, the results of the workplace climate survey and the resulting action plans were communicated. On the internal communication front, the company enhanced its in-house newsletter with new content, while meetings were organised with the warehouse and store team managers to improve job efficiency and team management.


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