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06 Franchises

6.3Permanent support for DIA”s entrepreneurs

DIA’s franchisees benefit from the support of the entire organisation from the moment they start up their businesses; subsequently, DIA also provides them with the resources and tools they need to fine-tune their everyday operations. Before signing a franchise agreement, DIA analyses each project, helps with the premises search and permitting process and prepares a specific business plan for each store.

The DIA teams provide support with the technical aspects necessary to start up an establishment, specifically furnishing them with the management tools they require: in-house software, PoS terminals, the Club DIA loyalty programme, etc., all of which are adapted to individual country needs.

In some cases, DIA provides applicants with financial assistance so they can start up their businesses and draw on financing agreements with partner banks as required.

The company transfers its know-how–proven in managing its own stores–to its entrepreneurs

Recruiting and ongoing assistance

DIA provides in-person training at its pilot stores before the franchise opening and follows this up with virtual learning via the online DIAtraining platforms already up and running in Spain, Argentina, Portugal and Brazil.

Once the store is open, the company provides continuous training and assistance through a network of store supervisors who visit the franchised establishments frequently. These visits help them run their stores better and this service is highly valued by the franchisees. Against this backdrop, in Spain there are 18 Franchise Coaches, while DIA Argentina has established a Store Head Coach role, a person who accompanies the entrepreneur during the first 45 days managing his or her store to facilitate the initial learning process.

In Spain, training was provided to 800 people, including franchisees and DIA support staff (supervisors, franchise marketers). The online training model associated with the upfront franchisee training plan entailed the provision of over 3,500 hours of training.

Tools for driving sales

With the aim of making its franchised stores more profitable, DIA defines their product ranges, factoring in the entrepreneurs’ experience by listening to their suggestions about product assortment and special offers.

The company gives its franchisees tools for driving sales and its specialists provide expert advice in a number of areas. In addition, each franchisee receives a print run of advertising brochures tailored for his or her catchment area. DIA’s entrepreneurs also benefit from DIA’s mass media advertising campaigns. Lastly, DIA also negotiates special initiatives with its suppliers for its franchisees.

This year, over 100 franchisees won trips and gifts as part of the sales incentive competitions organised in collaboration with suppliers.


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