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Logotipo Supermercados Día Memoria Anual 2015
06 Franchises

6.1.A shared success story

DIA believes that the franchise model is the best business model for excelling in the neighbourhood shopping segment and has accordingly placed it at the centre of its profitable growth strategy. At year-end 2015, there were 3,697 franchised stores operating under the group’s banners worldwide, equivalent to 47.9% of the total.


Since its first franchised store opened its doors in 1989, DIA has fostered development of the franchise model in pursuit of growth in Spain and to penetrate new markets abroad. Evidence of this strategic commitment, DIA has franchised stores in all five of its operating markets. It is the number one Spanish franchisor worldwide. Its role as franchisor is also noteworthy in other markets: in Portugal, the Minipreço banner is one of the country’s top-ranked franchises, while in Brazil, DIA remains the leading–and only–supermarket franchise and is the third-ranked franchise by revenue; in Argentina, the firm obtained the Quality Seal granted by the Argentine Brand and Franchise Association.

DIA is the number one Spanish franchisor worldwide and the number three European franchisor in the food sector

The success of its formula lies with the mutually-beneficial relationship between DIA and its franchisees: the company provides the right to use its brand, which is recognised by shoppers. It transmits its know-how by means of manuals and training courses and the provision of upfront and ongoing support throughout the term of contract. Meanwhile, the franchisees contribute their local market knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and customer service ability.

The DIA franchise benefits not only the implicated parties but also generates wealth and jobs in the surrounding communities. In 2015, the franchised stores employed over 24,000 people worldwide.

Having rated DIA on its number of franchised stores, innovation capabilities, support for entrepreneurs and sensitivity to environmental problems, international consultant Franchise Direct ranked DIA among the world’s top 20 franchisors in 2015.


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