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8.2Collaboration underpinned by quality and innovation

DIA selects its suppliers using criteria related to their competence, product quality and buying terms and conditions.

During the latter stages of supplier selection for private-label products, candidates must pass a rigorous upfront certification audit, designed to guarantee food safety at every factory in which DIA products will be made.

The audits, to which all private-label suppliers are subjected, are carried out using in-house or widely recognised standards such as the IFS and BRC food quality and safety standards.

The audit serves to evaluate the general management of activities and facilities, the specific production conditions and the quality management system.

Supplier audits are carried out regularly after the product is on the market as a way to ensure that product quality and safety is maintained over time.

Consumer products must also pass an internal tasting test which is carried out to evaluate consumer perception. In addition to tasting tests, DIA works with certified external laboratories, which select panelists based on the consumer target group defined by age, consumption type, gender, etc.

The private-label product tasting tests and audits are repeated regularly to ensure the ongoing safety and quality of the products carrying any of DIA’s brands.

Ethical conduct all around

DIA’s relationship with its suppliers is based on respect and ethical professional conduct, underpinned by the principles enshrined in the group’s Ethics Code. In 2015, the company set up an ethics whistle-blowing channel for suppliers and franchisees to handle enquires and requests for information. It is managed by the Ethics Committee and aims to resolve interpretation-related queries and unearth any potential code breaches.

All supplier contracts include a clause stating that DIA upholds the United Nations Global Compact.


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