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8.4More communication, more benefits

DIA sees its suppliers as it allies in its quest to create value for its customers. Framed by this premise, it works with them to enhance the quality of their products, make their logistics more efficient, facilitate order management and forecast manufacturing requirements. This collaborative effort has crystallised in three websites for exclusive use by suppliers.

The financial website provides suppliers with information for the administrative management of their orders and payments. It is configured to allow suppliers to consult the orders approved by DIA, payments made and still outstanding, charges issued and associated documents. It provides rapid and user-friendly access to invoice financing, information on invoice discounting and the ability to run online simulations. It also serves as a communication channel with DIA”s finance area and can be used for channelling and monitoring enquiries and facilitating administrative tasks.

Suppliers can use the sales website to get information on sales trends by category and units by value and volume, including year-on-year comparisons.

Lastly, suppliers can use the logistics website to monitor service levels, delivery misses, days of stock, delivery schedule performance and other service conditions. It also gives them access to the weekly consumption forecasts and sell-in, sell-out information.

First Supplier Summit in Argentina

In addition to these websites and everyday business relations, the group is working to set up new communication channels. Against this backdrop, in Argentina it organised its first Supplier Summit which was attended by 420 people, including the division’s general manager and sales managers and a large number of suppliers.

The event was divided into two sections: the morning session was organised around the name brand suppliers’ sales directors, managers and executives. the afternoon session was for DIA brand suppliers’ sales directors, managers and executives. At the end of each event, prize-winning suppliers received awards.


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