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9.3Stakeholder communication

DIA earns the trust of its stakeholders by means of transparent communication designed to provide all with ready access to the group’s most salient information. Dialogue with the media, local community representatives and government officials is handled by the External Relations Department.

Open communication

The company reports to its stakeholders and to consumers in general via its corporate website–diacorporate.com–and engages proactively with the media.

There is a communication tab within the corporate website which includes all of the group’s relevant information: news, financial information, relevant fact filings, agenda, updated business structure, etc. This tab also contains tools for making the reporters’ work easier, including a media library with photos, videos, presentations and various press kits. Similarly there is a tab for shareholders and investors.

To facilitate immediate access to new information, in 2015, the DIA Group set up a notification service which sends previously-subscribed users an e-mail with a link to the latest company developments and news.

The company also has a dedicated e-mail address for handing stakeholder demands and questions related to corporate social responsibility: rsc@diagroup.com.

Media relations

Last year, the company accounted for its activities in the form of over 70 official press releases, in addition to the price-sensitive notices filed with the securities market regulator (the CNMV). It also organised a number of press conferences and other events to explain its projects and results, opening itself up to media scrutiny.

The company reported on its activities in the form of 70 press releases and explained its projects at different press conferences and briefing events

Reporter requests for information are channelled through comunicacion@diagroup.com. In 2015, this dedicated inbox fielded over 2,600 enquiries and information requests.

This effort sparked media coverage for DIA, which appeared in the press 24,000 times throughout 2015.

Investor communication

The Investor Relations Department is tasked with maintaining regular and accurate communication with the investment community. In 2015, it organised more than 1,000 briefing events, including in-person meetings, webcasts and conference calls with analysts and investors with the aim of making sure that proxy advisors have as comprehensive information about the company as possible when issuing their respective recommendations and reports.

Dialogue with public authorities

DIA carries out its business in five countries–Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil and China–affecting regions with very different characteristics.

Dialogue with the public authorities is always framed by respect for prevailing legislation and the utmost transparency, in keeping with the group’s Ethics Code, upholding each country’s procedures and deadlines scrupulously.

The group’s membership of sector associations, such as ASEDAS (acronym in Spanish for the Spanish Association of Retailers, Self-Service Establishments and Supermarkets), which encompasses the main chains, representing almost 70% of the national retailing sector, plays an important role in this effort to engage with the public authorities.

This association works with its European counterpart, Eurocommerce, advocating the creation of shared value chains designed to strengthen food retailers to enable them to adapt to external change and looming challenges.

Its membership of the Spanish food retail trade association, ASEDAS, is an important part of DIA’s effort to engage with the public authorities

In 2015, ASEDAS diligently represented the interests of DIA and the rest of its members before the government, social bodies and private entities.

The DIA Group sits on ASEDAS’s Management Board and its various committees (HR, Legislation and Communication), which decide the general thrust of the various lines of joint initiative pursued by its members.

In Portugal, the company belongs to APED, this country’s retail trade association, which in 2015 began to draft a new ‘Best Environmental Practices Guide’. DIA Portugal collaborated with APED on identifying and detailing the following aspects: Global Compact principles, eco-stores, carbon footprint mapping, environmentally-friendly packaging design and the reduction of carbon footprints via logistics. It also collaborates with the Portuguese franchise association, APF.

In Argentina, DIA is a member of the supermarket trade association, ASU.

Relations with NGOs and CSR-related entities

DIA also participates in CSR-related forums and associations. This is best illustrated by its membership of the international Forética platform, whose mission is to promote corporate cultures inspired by business ethics and social responsibility by providing enterprises with useful knowledge and tools for the successful development of a competitive and sustainable business model. The group receives support from Forética in managing its CSR and ethical management policies and gets the chance to participate in international projects.

DIA’s relations with NGOs are governed by in-house rules. The company is a friend of the Lealtad Foundation, a non-profit institution that provides companies with information designed to help them decide which NGOs to collaborate with, and prioritises engagement with NGOs that voluntarily submit to the analysis and audits carried out by this Foundation to inject transparency into the entire process.

Consumer relations

Listening and empathy, these are the rules governing DIA’s relationship with its customers. Based on its customers’ feedback, the group has reinforced its manned counters, beefed up its customer care services, produced a number of publications, remained in permanent contact via the social networks and fostered customer participation by creating innovative forums such as ‘Let’s turn the day on its head’ and ‘Experts in Saving’.


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