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04 DIA and the environment

4.1 Environmental policy

In 2015, DIA reinforced its environmental commitment, increasing environmental spending and capital expenditure by 74% to €26.95 million and reviewing and ratifying its Environmental Policy. The latter establishes the guiding principles in this ambit and the duties and channels for integrating environmental protection into the company’s management and planning systems by adopting sustainability criteria.

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politica ambiental

Carbon footprint

The DIA Group’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint has prompted it to work in recent years on a range of initiatives for paring back its emissions, including the development an in-house tool designed to enable it to calculate the carbon footprint of its facilities and activities in all its geographic markets and business operations.

In 2015, DIA took the step of publicly sharing information on its greenhouse gas emissions and the measures taken to mitigate them by responding to the CDP-Climate Change questionnaire.

The CDP is an independent non-profit organisation; it boasts the world’s largest database of corporate information on climate change and encompasses over 800 socially-responsible investors with €90 billion of assets under management globally.

By means of an annual survey of the biggest listed companies, the CDP gathers information about identified climate change related risks and opportunities and evaluates how transparently they report on their environmental management efforts and how efficiently they handle the risks deriving from their business impacts on the environment.

The DIA Group was given the Best Newcomer Award Spain 2015 by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) having achieved the highest score among all the companies to have joined the CDP index, which specialises in measuring the strategy and initiatives undertaken by large companies on the sustainability and climate change front, in 2015.

The DIA Group, rewarded by the Carbon Disclosure Project for its environmental pledge

Standardisation of the environmental management system

In 2015, work continued on the projects and systems developed by the group in recent years with the aim of enhancing the sustainable management of its activities and facilities. Among these projects, the work performed to standardise the environmental management system stands out.

During the year, drafting of the various procedures that will constitute the foundations of the DIA Group’s environmental management system was completed. At present, these procedures are being implemented and publicised internationally to ensure homogeneous application group-wide.

Environmental assessment

The geographic scope of the environmental assessment procedure initiated in the Spanish warehouses in prior years has been gradually extended to the DIA Group’s other business markets and facilities (stores and offices).

Against this backdrop, in 2015, the Environmental Assessment Procedure was formally adopted and implemented at the international level. Environmental assessment of DIA Spain’s logistics platforms has been systematised with the audit of 18 warehouses and this process is in the process of being gradually rolled out in the group’s other markets. In addition, an environmental assessment was performed at the group’s headquarters in Las Rozas in Madrid.

Environmental assessment constitutes an overall review of the facilities and activities being audited to evaluate their performance in terms of waste management, control over emissions and discharges, use of resources (water and energy) and the measures already in place to minimise their environmental impact.


DIA’s implementation of environmental management principles coupled with compliance with prevailing legislation in all of its operating markets meant that it did not incur any significant fines for breach of environmental regulations in 2015.

In Spain, Brazil, Portugal and China there is an environmental regulations register and a register of any breaches. DIA Spain receives regular bulletins about legislative developments from the online SALEM legal update service; to the extent that they apply to DIA’s businesses, a copy is made in the internal network.


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