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01 Overview and financial information

1.4 DIA and corporate responsibility

The DIA Group upholds and fosters the most stringent international environmental, social and governance (ESG) values and standards. The company ensures that these values are integrated into its everyday management by means of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy, which articulates the social commitments underpinning its profitable growth and evidences its commitment to the community and its natural surroundings. On 11 December 2015, the company approved an updated version of this policy in order to align it with the latest corporate governance recommendations for listed companies in Spain (issued by the securities market regulator, the CNMV for its acronym in Spanish).

The CSR policy–which is based on DIA”s five corporate values (efficiency, initiative, respect, teamwork and customer-orientation)–serves as the framework for all of the group”s members and companies in various ambits, including responsible management; commitment to people and stakeholders; quality and price positioning; the franchises; and care for the environment.

The changes introduced to the CSR policy have the effect of increasing the number of basic principles underpinning its sustainable growth proposition from eight to 10. The new principles refer to the management of risks, the consumer and franchisee protection imperative, the promotion of responsible purchasing and healthy eating practices and support for gender equality.

CSR Policy

Politicas de RSC de DIA ENG

Compliance with the CNMV’s corporate governance recommendations

The latest version of the DIA Group’s CSR Policy, which was first approved in March 2013, marks compliance with the Good Governance Code for listed companies published by Spain’s securities market regulator, the CNMV, in February 2015.

As a by-product of these changes and deriving from the new CSR Policy, the Risk Management Policy, Investor Relations Policy, Tax Policy and Environmental Policy were also developed, adapted and publicly disclosed. This effort will continue in 2016 with the fine-tuning and dissemination of the remaining corporate policies.

Development of these policies marks a fresh milestone in formally setting down DIA’s social responsibility pledge. Back in March 2012, the company signed the United Nations Global Compact, thereby committing to ethical business management underpinned by these 10 universally-accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

In order to flesh out its CSR-related corporate policies, DIA is working to draw up a Sustainable Development Master Plan.

Definition of this roadmap was one of the targets mapped out for 2015 in last year”s annual report. However, publication in Spain of a new Good Governance Code in February and the attendant fine-tuning of the CSR Policy and other related corporate policies obliged management to review the work performed until then in order to factor in new parameters. As a result, it is expected that this Master Plan will ultimately be approved in 2016.

CSR targets delivered in 2015

DIA set itself three core targets for 2015:

• Calculation of its carbon footprint

Last year, the company launched a tool that enables it to compute the carbon footprint its facilities and activities and established new environmental performance indicators.

In 2015, DIA took the step of publicly sharing information on its greenhouse gas emissions and the measures taken to mitigate them by responding to the CDP-Climate Change questionnaire.

• Integration of El Árbol into the food bank delivery scheme.

In the wake of the acquisition of Grupo El Árbol in 2014, the DIA Group integrated this chain into its food bank scheme in 2015. Thanks in part to the deliveries made by El Árbol’s warehouses, DIA once again hit a new donation record in Spain.

Implementation of the Anti-Fraud Programme in Portugal:

Now that this plan has been executed in full in Spain, DIA continues to work to export, adapt and implement this programme in the rest of its markets, including Portugal.

DIA recognised as a responsible corporate citizen

The DIA Group was given the Best Newcomer Award Spain 2015 by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) having achieved the highest score among all the companies to have joined the CDP index, which specialises in measuring the strategy and initiatives undertaken by large companies on the sustainability and climate change front, in 2015.

The CDP is an independent non-profit organisation; it boasts the world’s largest database of corporate information on climate change and encompasses over 800 socially-responsible investors with €90 billion of assets under management globally.

DIA’s performance in the social responsibility arena in 2015 also pushed it up to third place in the retailing sector on MERCO’s annual ranking, which assesses the 100 top-performing companies in Spain in terms of social responsibility and corporate governance.

The MERCO index is compiled on the basis of feedback from 10 groups of experts: unions, financial analysts, influencers and social media managers, business & finance journalists, Merco Consumo (general public), CSR experts, NGOs, consumer associations, company executives and a merit-based assessment.

The parameters assessed include ethical conduct, transparency and corporate governance policy, responsibility vis-a-vis employees, work-life balance programmes and diversity efforts, among others.

DIA’s corporate social responsibility was also applauded by the market; in 2015, DIA was included in the benchmark international sustainable investing stock index, FTSE4Good.

This index includes listed companies from all over the world that meet the prerequisites established by the London Stock Exchange Group: corporate social responsibility practices in relation to the environment, shareholder engagement and human rights, underpinned by responsible investing principles.

Lastly, in its capacity as active employer, in Spain DIA received an award from the financial trade journal Actualidad Económica, which gave the group one of its Prizes for Successful Enterprising in Madrid, specifically the Job Creation Prize for the launch of its newest format: La Plaza de DIA.


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